Focus and Multitasking-Do it Work!

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

This book was written to assist you in developing your focus. We are living in a time with much going on simultaneously. Never before has our minds been asked to concentrate on multiple thoughts and tasks at one time.

Some time ago, the term Multi-Tasking was created to legitimize the thought of doing multiple projects or tasks at once. The dictionary states that Multi-Tasking is the ability “to (of a person) deal with more than one task at the same time.” In Psychology Today, Nancy K. Napier Ph.D., wrote in an article title, Creativity Without Borders:

“Most recent neuroscience research tells us that the brain doesn’t do tasks simultaneously, as we thought (hoped) it might. In fact, we switch tasks quickly. Each time we move from hearing music to writing a text or talking to someone, there is a stop/start process that goes on in the brain.

That start/stop/start process is very challenging. Rather than saving time, it costs time (even very small micro seconds), it’s less efficient, and we make more mistakes over time. It can deplete your energy.”

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