Welcome to Focus: Learn How To Concentrate For Maximum Results. This book was written to help you develop your focus or to help you regain it. We cover the benefits of having great focus, why we lose focus, how junk food and exercise reduce your focus and more. We also cover OTC medicine and prescription medicine that assist you in losing your memory. Strategies to increase focus. Buy a copy now!

Focus: Learn How Concentrate For Maximum Results

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    CHAPTER 1- What is "Focus

    CHAPTER 2-Escape the Busy Trap and Avoid Burnout

    CHAPTER 3-Reclaimimg your Time 

    CHAPTER 4-Benefits Of Being Focused

    CHAPTER-5-How Successful People Develope Self- Discipline

    CHAPTER-6-Strategies To Building Unbreakable Focus

    CHAPTER-7-Why You Should Focus On One Thing At A Time

    CHAPTER-8-Online Tools For Laser Focus

    CHAPTER 9- How Prescription Drugs Affect Your Focus and a list of prescription drugs that may affect your concentration

    CHAPTER 10- Medicine That Will Improve Your Focus-

    and more.

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