Ace your next networking event. Networking is essential to your success. This book has step by step techniques to assist you in building key relationships and changing your life. "Buy Now" and get ready for something big! Great for college grads, career advancement, network expansion and more. 50 plus pages of activities to get you in the door. This book will change your life!  


Table of Contents



STEP # 1: Think Business!

STEP # 2:  12 Ways to Develop your Brand

STEP # 3: The 30 Second Buy In 

STEP # 4: What is Networking? Six Degrees of Separation

STEP # 5: Why Network? 

STEP # 6: Best Places to Network?

STEP # 7: You’re in the room.  Who should you network with?

Step #8: Relax and network

Step # 9: How do you start a conversation?

STEP # 10: During and After the Event

Step #11 What You Do In Your First 90 Days

Step #12 Let’s Keep in Touch

Networking: Building Impactful Relationships

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